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WallSG Pte. Ltd. is established in Singapore providing an one stop solution for wallpaper in singapore. We are a humble team of singapore wallpaper specialists that are passionate in decorating your residential and commercial places.

We are determined to provide our best service and quality craftmanship to our clients to achieve their design. Our success is not only due to the quality of our work, it is down to the attitude, our approach and the way we communicate with our clients. Buy wallpaper at WallSG showroom (Centropod #01-03) is made easy by our flexible operating hours of Monday to Sunday, from 11am to 7pm for walk in, 7pm to 10pm by appointment only.

The usage of korean wallpaper in singapore are increasing in household and office which are overtaking the norm of using painting to decorate the interior visual effect.
WallSG aim is to bring in quality and wide range of design for our client to explore.

Affordable & Professional Wall Paper Supplier in Singapore

WallSG Pte. Ltd. believe in keeping price affordable to residential and commercial clients yet upholding its high quality of workmanship. As a singapore wallpaper store thats explain all the costs to customer who call in, visit our showroom or view our website. We, as a wallpaper store in singapore believe that we have the duty to explain all the costs to client.

Korean Wallpaper that we imported are kept at low humidity air-conditional environment. Wallpaper installer that is used by WallSG having more than 20 years of experiences. We believe strongly in workmanship as it is one of the main factor thats affect how long your wallpaper will last in Singapore. As a wallpaper singapore store, we don't believe in cut cost in workmanship, so the only cost we cut is on our wallpaper cost to give more savings to our customer.

Vinyl Flooring Singapore

WallSG Eco Vinyl Flooring provides a high performance and unique design. It enhances the textures and sophistication of the expensive natural hardwood yet with a affordable price for our clients. Our 6mm thickness vinyl flooring equipped with 0.5mm wear layer that is capable of handle high traffic malls and airport.

Vinyl Flooring Singapore is picking up her pace to be the trendy renovation flooring material with her easy installation without using any glue. Also came with sound absorption and minimal maintenance. Most importantly it is water resistant and eco friendly to children or pet.

Laminate Flooring are make up of 99% wood product which is not water resistant compared to Vinyl Flooring that is 100% plastic. Laminate Flooring are slowly moving out of the market due to a raising Vinyl Flooring that is able do achieve what the consumer are looking for yet at a affordable price. Vinyl Flooring is also known as Vinyl Tiles that comes in a plank shape providing wide range of design color.