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Interior Film
Interior Film
Interior films for surfaces that cannot be wallpapered - Interior film is an self-adhesive film, which is different from conventional wallpapers, allowing it to be used on surfaces that are not supported by conventional wallpapers.
Diverse Designs
Interior films have a wide range of patterns, colours and textures to choose from!
Self-adhesive layer allows interior films to be applied onto surfaces apart from walls and wood such as tiles, glass, metal, and laminate surfaces.
Stain Resistant
All interior films from Wall.SG are stain resistant, and they have been tested by staining with soy sauce, coffee, alcohol etc
Flame Retardant
Most interior films from WallSG are flame retardant, they're all flame retardant certified!
Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungi and Free of Harmful Chemicals
Interior films are all anti-bacterial, anti-fungi and free of harmful chemicals, perfect for any environment.
On walls
On doors
On cabinets