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Soundproof Carpet
Noise Reduction
This carpet is a natural sound absorber and reduces impact noise while absorbing sound within the space. In addition, carpet surface piles provide additional impact noise reduction.
Easy to Install
The back of this carpet has an absorption-type anti-slip. So, easy to install!
This carpets is perfect for the thermal insulated, sound- proof and energy efficient. To prevent anti-static troubles, electric conductive fiber is mixed into the Pile yarn
Formaldehyde Removal
This mark is tagged on low VOC product by checking the speed of formaldehyde emission less than 5 μg/m2h and is approved by “Council of Interior Fabric Performance Evaluation” in Japan.
Easy to clean. Because it is carpet tiles, you can remove only dirty parts and immediately wash with water or neutral detergent.
Fire retardant
The complete NONSTRESS range is suitable for heavy commercial or common households usage and is certified by Japan Fire Retardant Association according to the E2160282 flammability resistance norm. This means all NONSTRESS carpet tiles are certified as fire retardant materials for public or commercial areas.
Products Specification
Origin : Japan
Unit of measure : 500mm width x 500mm length
Thickness : 8.0mm
Construction : High & Low Loop
Material : 100% Polypropylene
Range of colors
Light Grey