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Soundproof Curtain
Noise Reduction - 5 Layer Structure
Our sound proofing curtain are equipped with 5 layer structure consist of 2 x liners of acrylic resin coated lining and with waffle cloth with high sound absorption effect are stacked. The effect is absorbing at least 2.5 times higher compare to the ordinary curtain.
It can absorb noise of 12-18 decibels to reduce sound volume at least 50%.
99% Blackout Effect
The inner curtain is sew in black liner backing provide the drapes thick enough to completely keep out 99% sun light and UV ray.
Easy to install & maintain
The installation is the same as ordinary curtain method by hooking onto the track rails. It can be maintain by dry cleaning.
Products Specification
Origin : Japan
Unit of measure : Customizable
Material : 100% Polyester
Range of colors