For a fruitful discussion, kindly prepare your floor plan or wall dimensions before heading down to our show room
Soundproof Wall Panel
Noise Reduction & Acoustic Treatment
Two forms of 25mm thickness are used to absorb the medium to high frequencies and control and trap echoes. In addition, a sound insulation sheet sandwiched between them blocks the sound and reduces noise.
Easy to Install
Ease of installation using double sided tape without damaging any of your wall. Standard size comes in 45cm by 45cm, our specialist will arrange the customise size and allowance space for area like power socket or switches.
Water repellent & fire retardant
Panels are covered with high quality fabric that able to repel water and fire retardant.
Products Specification
Origin : Japan
Unit of measure : 450mm width x 450mm length ( Customizable )
Thickness : 50mm
Material : High density 96K glass wool, high quality sound insulation cloth
Range of colors
Light Grey
Dark Grey
Light Brown